Project Examples

SpectraNet models HF communication systems and tests HF communications systems. HF ionospheric propagation modeling can be done as a function of frequency, year, season, time of day, transmit power, antenna gain or type, location, etc. We also have built mathematical models to calculate High Frequency (HF) communication latency or latencies for HF communication between any two points on Earth. Keywords: HF Communications Modeling, HF Ionospheric Communication Modeling, HF Ionospheric Communications Modeling, HF skywave modeling, HF skywave propagation modeling, HF modulation, Low Latency HF communication, HFT, HF Ionosphere, skywave ionospheric communication, HF skywave communication, Ionospheric HFT, skywave HFT, HF skywave HFT, High-Frequency Skaywave HFT. Low Latency Skywave Communications, Low Latency HF Skywave Communications, High Frequency Skywave Communications, High Frequency ionosphere latency, High Frequency ionosphere latencies, high frequency communications modeling, high frequency propagation, HF

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