In-building wireless design

Application Areas--In-Building Wireless

In-Building RF Coverage Designs using iBwave for Cellular Carrier and Enterprise Service Providers, Neutral Host Service Providers, Wireless Integrators, In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems (I-DAS), Heterogeneous Networks, DAS, LTE, 3G, 2G, WiMax, WiFi, Picocells, Femto Cells, Public Safety, and Government.


•   iBwave consulting: iBwave in-building wireless designs and small cell wireless designs
•   In-building Distributed Antenna System (I-DAS) design
•   In-building walk-test data to tune the iBwave model
•   iBwave in-building propagation, collection, and optimization
•   Site/building surveys
•   Interference analysis, such as between Macro cells and I-DAS
•   In-building wireless performance measurements
•   Continuous Wave (CW) Testing
•   CAD design/creation
•   Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) calculations (electric field strength)


iBwave Consulting, iBwave DAS Design. To begin an in-building wireless design using iBwave, we ideally want the CAD files for the building, which iBwave can import directly. If it is an older building without available CAD drawings, we can use floor image files to create layouts and manually collect other building structure information to build the CAD file needed for an in-building wireless design. If this information cannot be found easily, it may be necessary to make a site visit to collect such information, which would also be useful for getting other data from the building owner, such as any antenna location restrictions, the need for elevator coverage, the location and specifications of the equipment room, architectural glass make and model, etc. We can provide detailed site survey documents that can be used to record such information during a site visit.

iBwave will also allow modeling an outdoor macro cell or small cell to determine the amount of RF attenuation into the building, and tune the in-building DAS transmit powers to minimize interference and to ensure a clean hand-off for the mobile client entering or leaving the building.

SpectraNet owns the full iBwave in-building wireless design suite: the enterprise version with the propagation, collection, and optimization modules. Jeff Adams is Level I and Level 2 iBwave certified.